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Business Plans

We are very strong and highly experienced in advising on and compiling comprehensive, fully researched business plans.

We can analyse the strengths and weaknesses of your business and help you evaluate the opportunities, and the threats, which face it.

Then, with our help, you can do a market analysis, develop your market strategy, prepare production plans, and figure out your finance and cash flow needs.

Raising Finance & Capital

With a well researched, comprehensive, professionally presented business plan, and our help to identify the best sources, you can give yourself the best opportunity to raise finance.

Business Development

We can provide practical advice and help to develop your business, maximise efficiency, monitor ongoing performance, resolve business problems and successfully implement your business plans.

Buying & Selling a Business

We can help you decide whether, and when, to sell a business, help you find a buyer, negotiate and structure the deal. We can advise on and provide vendor Due Diligence services.

If you are interested in buying a business we can assist in the initial selection of your purchase targets, conduct the Due Diligence reviews, negotiate with the seller and advise on the most appropriate structure for the deal.

Information Systems

Accurate and timely information on performance is essential to maximise profits; the most powerful (yet inexpensive) software now makes this possible for every business.

We can supply the software solutions and train your people. If necessary we can implement tailor made solutions for specific business needs!


We develop and deliver training courses (on a one to one, or group basis) in the areas of accounting software and systems, business planning and development.

Litigation Support & Forensic Services

We provide assistance to our clients in litigation matters or in investigating financial irregularities.

We advise and report on financial solutions and division of assets in family law disputes. Our mediation services can help minimize legal costs in financial and corporate disputes

Staff selection and recruitment

We can ease the recruitment process by providing a shortlist of the most suitable candidates for required positions, selected from our initial selection and interview process.

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